The Everyday Storytellers | Week 2 / by Jill Andrews-Dudas

9 Mothers/Photographers | 22 Children | 4 Countries | Documenting Childhood

Each time I photograph Ben, I feel as if time is slipping through my fingers. He isn’t in front of my camera as often as he use to be now that he’s in school. His face, more mature than a few months ago. His body language, more at ease. He has a trademark solemn expression (unless you tell him not to smile, which always elicits laughter). Nine is an interesting age, not quite a little boy anymore, not quite grown.

We spent the past weekend in Banff, exploring and breathing in the fresh mountain air. I always feel as if Ben is most at home when he’s outside. He’s my wild one. Always climbing, always moving. An endless amount of energy that never ceases to amaze me. Ben can be quiet and contemplative too and this portrait sums up that side of him up perfectly.


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