The Everyday Storytellers | Week 3 / by Jill Andrews-Dudas

9 Mothers/Photographers | 22 Children | 4 Countries | Documenting Childhood

The deck in our backyard is old and falling apart. We’ve been planning to replace it since before Ben was born. He is now nine years old. It’s hard to get all the extra’s done on our long to-do list now that we have four children. In the next few weeks, we’re finally going to rip out this old deck and build a new one now that we’re planning to move to a new house in the foreseeable future. Go figure. I really wanted to capture a few images of our decrepit old deck with the pealing paint.

Ava and I were up early on Sunday morning and I hadn’t pulled out my camera all week. Initially, I envisioned shooting this image through the windowpane but the reflections were masking most of Ava’s body so I opened the door. She stood in the frame, milk in one hand, soother in the other, wearing Kate’s old polka dot pajamas. Perfection!


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