The Everyday Storytellers - Week 6 / by Jill Andrews-Dudas

From day one, Will has always been happy and easy going. He was the most content baby I’ve ever met. Aside from the occasional onset of four year old emotion, Will is full of joy. He wakes up each morning with the biggest smile on his face and is so lovely to be around.

On Friday, Will drew a picture for his cousin Otto, who was visiting from Vancouver. He insisted on putting his creation in an envelope to protect it from the rain. We got in the car and he proudly clutched the envelop in his hand. I got about a minute or two into our drive when I looked back in the mirror and knew this moment was one I wanted to remember. Since we were a few minutes early for our car appointment, I turned around, grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of Will in our driveway before heading on our way.


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